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Plenty of Socialization

Miami assisted living facilities like Mirabelle Senior Living offer plenty of opportunities for residents to socialize in beautiful settings while sharing a meal with others or enjoy a visit with loved ones. These types of senior housing communities help to enhance quality of life by empowering seniors to maintain their independence within a safe environment while ensuring they receive the individualized support required to meet daily needs.

Discover the Best Miami Assisted Living Facilities

The average cost of a private one-bedroom assisted living facility in Miami is $3250 per month. This includes services such as three meals a day, housekeeping, laundry service, and assistance with day to day activities. Additional services will vary by facility.

The cost may differ at some assisted living facilities depending on the location, what other amenities are available, and how much elderly care will be required.

Assisted Living in Miami Empowers Seniors

Seniors enjoy being independent because it gives them a sense of achievement, especially as they overcome the unique challenges that old age can bring. Still, seniors' families need to understand that aging related health circumstances can make it increasingly unsafe for seniors to live independently without additional senior care. Eventually, families need to either provide at-home care or join an assisted living community to ensure a safe living environment.

Many seniors would prefer to receive at-home care, which can be a great option to maintain a sense of familiarity and improve seniors' emotional well-being, however it’s not always financially feasible and seniors will still need to get by on their own and with the help of family outside of care hours. It can also be challenging to renovate the house to follow senior safety standards and provide secure living conditions.

A senior housing community in Miami, on the other hand, will provide your loved ones with the best of both worlds: the independence of a self-supporting setting and the assistance nearby whenever they need extra support. In addition to the care, many seniors enjoy the amenities and socialization they get while living in a senior community.

The Benefits of Assisted Living Facilities in Miami

Assisted living in Miami has many benefits that include assistance with daily activities, daily cognitive stimulation, senior safety, and preventing seniors from feeling lonely.

Assistance with Daily Living Activities

Maintaining seniors' independence is crucial, and regular assistance can help relieve some of the physical burden and provide a higher quality of life. Miami’s senior living communities will assist with everything necessary to get your loved ones through the day including with mobility, bathing, dressing, medication management, and transportation.

Cognitive Stimulation

Another beneficial component of assisted senior living is the cognitive stimulation opportunities available to the residents. The assisted living facilities in Miami feature libraries perfect for book discussions, theaters for movie nights, and many daily programs like cooking, simple exercise, art, and gardening. Additionally, most facilities have regular engaging programs such as art therapy, music therapy, and pet therapy.

Senior Safety

Even a small fall for a senior could cause serious injuries, which is why Miami senior living communities’ primary goal is to minimize the risk of falls to greatly reduce the risk of related medical emergencies. Beyond guarding against falls, Senior living communities follow strict safety standards to maintain health and quality of life. Senior apartments often have good lighting, handrails in the halls and common areas, flooring that doesn't hinder movement, and bathrooms with non-slip surfaces, call assistance devices, and support rails.

Prevent Senior Isolation

Loneliness is often an issue among seniors, even those who receive at-home care. Loneliness can lead to other health problems like depression, blood pressure problems, and other troubles. Assisted living facilities in Miami prevent senior isolation by giving their residents a comfortable, home-like atmosphere with plenty of opportunities to socialize with other senior apartment residents.

Beautiful Coastal Living

Residents of Miami senior living communities can make the most of senior living in Miami by enjoying the perks of coastal living in the beautiful Florida weather. This senior-friendly community offers plenty of options to enjoy the sites during supervised outings with other residents or on day trips with loved ones to one of the many wheelchair-accessible outdoor parks.

Things to Love about Assisted Living in Miami

In addition to the standard amenities provided by assisted living facilities, there are many benefits to assisted living in Miami. Among these are the senior-friendly communities, the many recreational activities nearby, and the weather.

Senior-Friendly Communities

Miami is a prime location for seniors to reside in assisted living communities because 17 percent of Miami's population consists of seniors, making it easier for seniors to be social and integrate into their new assisted senior living communities.

Retirement Tax-Friendly Benefits

Another perk to senior living in Miami is that Florida is a retirement tax-friendly state. This means that there is no state income tax. Retirement benefits, pension, and other similar incomes are not taxed. Your loved ones can enjoy living in assisted living senior apartments without worrying about taxes taking part of the money set aside for living expenses.

Beautiful Tropical Climate

Another bonus to assisted senior living in Miami is the weather. While Miami summers can be hot, humid, and sometimes cloudy, the winters are short and windy, with clear skies and comfortable temperatures. During the year, the weather usually runs between 62 and 90 degrees. The coldest temperatures typically don't get below 50 degrees, and the high is rarely over 92 degrees. Early November to late April is typically the best time to participate in outdoor warm-weather activities.

Relaxation and Recreation

Senior housing residents can enjoy many community activities, including walking the beautiful grounds and gardening. Most facilities will also take their residents on community outings. The seniors go out in supervised groups and family members are encouraged to accompany them on these trips.

There are several beautiful parks around the city to explore for your next family activity:

  • David T. Kennedy Park
  • Morningside Park
  • Maurice A. Ferre Park
  • Arcola Lake Park

Besides parks, Miami offers a variety of other entertainment venues for seniors to visit. They might enjoy taking a stroll through the tropical hardwood forests on the Everglades National Park Bobcat Boardwalk, which is also wheelchair accessible. They can visit the charming Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, which holds special events throughout the year. The Perez Art Museum Miami has beautiful exhibits and hosts special events like art talks and classes. The freedom tower at Miami Dade College is also a great tourist destination.

World-Class Hospitals

Residents of Miami assisted living communities enjoy local access to several world-class hospitals in the area, including Baptist Hospital of Miami. Widely known for treating heart failure and conducting many types of specialty surgeries commonly needed in senior care, this facility is just one example of the quality healthcare residents of Miami senior living communities can count on.

Health and Wellness

The assisted living facilities in Miami are located near many world-class hospitals. As seniors may need medical care beyond what’s provided by the senior living community, it’s important to consider the local senior care expertise available:

  • Baptist Hospital of Miami - Baptist Hospital is widely known for treating heart failure, aortic aneurysm repair, colon cancer surgery, and knee and hip replacements.
  • The University of Miami Hospital and Clinics–UHealth Tower - The University of Miami Hospital and its clinics have great success in heart failure treatment, colon and lung cancer surgeries, and neurosurgery.
  • Doctor Hospitals-Coral Gables - This hospital is located in the historic Coral Gables district and has been serving the community since 1949. They are known for knee and hip replacement surgery, heart failure treatment, and the treatment of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

Quality Options

There are many quality options for Miami assisted living, like The Plaza at Parksquare. These types of assisted senior living communities offer the individualized care and daily support residents need to reduce isolation, ensure safety, promote independence, and enhance quality of life.

How to Choose the Best Miami Assisted Living Facility

There are more than 3,080 assisted living facilities in Florida, and over 50 of these facilities are in the Miami area alone. We recommend taking several steps when starting your senior housing search to identify the best fit for your loved ones:

  • List any requirements and needs your loved one has, including what kind and how much support they will need, the type of accommodations they need, and your budget.
  • Identify the preferred assisted living facility location they would like to live in.
  • Find facilities that provide the support your loved one needs.
  • Get to know the amenities provided, daily programs, and the total monthly cost.
  • Lastly, be sure you consult with your family before making the final decision.

This may seem like an overwhelming list, but we are here to help. Most prospective residents and their families usually have a hard time comparing between all the different Miami senior living communities available.

CareChoice Family Advocates know each facility in great detail and can quickly help narrow down the top choices worth looking at more closely. We will not share your phone number or email address with any of the homes we contact because your confidentiality is our highest priority.

We assist all along this process including after move check-ins to ensure your loved one’s quality of life and senior care is as expected and won’t rest until you and your loved ones are settled and completely happy with your community selection.

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