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Graceful Aging

There are many wonderful San Diego assisted living facilities available to help your loved one age with grace—such as Belmont Village Senior Living La Jolla, slated to open in 2022. Senior housing options like this are geared toward preserving independence by providing the right amount of support to meet individual needs; offering a home-like environment that’s created with safety in mind; and enhancing quality of life in a variety of ways.

Find Wonderful Assisted Living Facilities in San Diego

The average cost of an assisted living facility one-bedroom apartment in San Diego is $4,750 per month. Included are primary offerings to support each resident, such as housekeeping, laundry, hot meals three times daily, and help with daily living activities.

The availability of additional services varies from facility to facility. The cost of housing in an assisted living community is based on how much senior care your loved one needs, the amenities the facility offers, and it's location.

Are you interested in assisted senior living in San Diego for a loved one? At CareChoice we provide all the guidance you need to make the best decision on your search for the perfect senior housing option.

The Value of Assisted Living in San Diego

Assisted living is a great option for families looking to help their loved ones age with grace. Having a little extra support to get through each day can make a world of difference for maintaining a high quality of life.

Sometimes at home care can help fill support gaps and keep your loved ones where they are most comfortable but this care arrangement is not always ideal for the long term. As care is not typically available around the clock, these off hour times can become increasingly challenging to manage independently.

In assisted living, the more well-rounded support available can improve quality of life and make getting through each day safer and more comfortable.

San Diego assisted living facilities preserve independence by providing the necessary support with minimal intrusion. You are in control of the services your parent receives, and it is easy to work with the staff when changes are needed.

Even if you don't think your elder needs a lot of care, settling them into a senior apartment in an assisted living environment means they can continue to enjoy an independent lifestyle with assistance on stand-by.

Assisted living facilities in San Diego are required to follow strict regulations to make sure your senior is safe and that they provide quality care for physical, mental, and social well-being.

Getting Help With with Daily Living Activities

Your loved ones may find it increasingly difficult to keep up with the demands of daily life as they age and could greatly benefit from having others around to help do the cooking, cleaning, and any necessary errands.

Senior living in San Diego provides access to a full range of assistance so that your loved ones won't miss a meal or run out of anything they need. Whenever your senior needs care, well-trained staff are available to help with dressing, eating, personal hygiene and continence management, mobility issues, and medication management.

Joining a senior living community in San Diego also provides companionship and moral support as a part of daily life.

Safety is Paramount

Falling is the number one reason seniors end up in the emergency room. The home where your elder has lived and raised children was probably not meant for a senior whose balance and sure-footedness are changing.

San Diego assisted living offers elderly care with high safety standards. Unlike their home, senior apartments are designed specifically to make living easier and safer for their occupants.

These building elements that are focused on minimizing the risk of falls and other medical emergencies make assisted living an ideal environment for seniors to live a comfortable life.

Cognitive Stimulation to Prevent Loneliness

While loneliness can lead to physical and mental challenges, healthy relationships underpin a positive sense of well-being. One of the main focus areas of elderly care in senior living communities in San Diego is keeping residents socially engaged and active as part of an overall healthy lifestyle.

In senior housing, your loved one will have as much social interaction as they are comfortable with built into their daily living. Chatting with friends and neighbors and routinely getting involved in interesting activities with others is part of the residents' daily cognitive stimulation.

Research by the National Institute on Aging shows that mentally and physically active people are less likely to have memory loss or declining mental functioning. In other words, participating in daily activities centered around creativity, learning, fitness, and socializing may keep your parents young at heart.

Increased quality of life, and even slowing down age-related mental decline, can come from joining one of the San Diego senior living communities, where your senior is surrounded by an atmosphere that encourages social and physical activity.

Many Things to Love

There are so many reasons to love senior living in San Diego. In addition to the natural beauty of the California coast and many area parks, residents of San Diego senior living communities like - Atria Rancho Peñasquitos - can savor mild weather year-round as they get out and about with loved ones to enjoy the deep history of the area and a variety of local attractions.

Reasons to Love San Diego

San Diego is a beautiful city on an amazing stretch of the California coastline. The area is a reflection of its history as part of Spanish colonization and the catholic mission system. With its border crossing into Mexico, it's a short drive to Tijuana and the country's amazing sights to the south.

The tourist industry is an important part of the San Diego economy, and visitors keep the area bustling with activity. Taking a step back from the beach and other tourist areas, the city and its surrounding communities are home to typical American neighborhoods - and lovely senior housing.

Great for Seniors

In San Diego, 14.5% of the population comprises seniors over the age of 65. The city has taken a major step forward to increase senior mobility around the city and improve its communities' livability.

Beautiful Tropical Climate

San Diego is a city of sunshine - averaging 266 sunny days each year. Seniors can enjoy outdoor activities year-round thanks to the mild temperatures. The average winter low temperature is not that low - 45.2 degrees - and the average summertime high temperature is a pleasant 78.9 degrees.

Exploring the Area

Living in an assisted senior living community allows your loved one the opportunity to take trips outside the facility. They are never alone on these outings because they will stay in a group with other residents under facility personnel's watchful eye. Staff members are present to maximize the participants' safety and lend a hand when someone needs help. You are free to join these outings or arrange your own private family outings.

There is an incredible number of natural public areas to visit for a stroll in the fresh air, including:

  • Balboa Park
  • Lake Murray Community Park
  • Presidio Park
  • Shoreline Park

Other Interesting activities and destinations include:

  • Relaxing at La Jolla beach
  • Walking around at Gaslamp Quarters
  • Visiting Hotel Del Coronado (don't miss the sunset!)
  • Learning about California history at the Mission Basilica San Diego de Alcala

World-Class Healthcare

There are plenty of world-class healthcare providers in the greater San Diego area—including Scripps Memorial Hospital La Jolla. Serving the community since 1924, Scripps boasts several nationally ranked specialty programs—including cancer care, heart surgery, orthopedic surgery, and the Comprehensive Stroke Center. That means residents of San Diego assisted living communities who need specialists for various senior care needs can enjoy easy access to them.

Health and Wellness Resources

If medical care is needed beyond what is provided by facilities for assisted living in San Diego, your loved ones are surrounded by world-class medical centers and hospitals:

  • Scripps Memorial Hospital La Jolla - Scripps has served the greater San Diego community since 1924 and is home to several nationally ranked specialty programs, including cancer care, heart surgery, orthopedic surgery, and the Comprehensive Stroke Center.
  • UC San Diego Health-Jacobs Medical Center - UCSD Health ranks highly for lung and colon cancer surgery, heart failure treatment, aortic valve and heart bypass surgery, hip replacement, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) care.
  • Sharp Memorial Hospital - For more than 60 years, this hospital has treated San Diegans with compassionate care and state-of-the-art technology. They're highly rated for colon and lung cancer surgery and treatment, heart and vascular care, and orthopedic service - especially hip replacement.

Quality Options

There are many quality options for families in search of a San Diego assisted living facility that’s suited for their loved one’s unique needs. Assisted senior living communities like Belmont Village Senior Living Sabre Springs provide an array of services and amenities in a home-like setting to enhance quality of life.

Researching and Selecting an Assisted Living Facility in San Diego

California boasts over 4,000 facilities for assisted living, and there are over 100 facilities for senior living in San Diego.

Are you overwhelmed with the task of narrowing down the options? We recommend following these steps:

  • Make a list of your senior's needs and preferences, including the type of daily assistance they need, the level of involvement you want the caregivers to have, the type of accommodation they need, and your budget.
  • Choose the assisted senior living location your loved one prefers.
  • Look for facilities in that area that offer the support your elder requires.
  • Research the amenities and programs at each facility, and analyze the monthly cost.
  • Finally, ask for input from your family before making a final selection.

CareChoice is here to help by simplifying the process of narrowing down your choices because we know how challenging it can be to decide which San Diego senior living community is the right fit for your elder.

We are with you through each phase of the process to help you to find the best quality of senior care for your money. And we will see you through the final phase of getting your loved ones settled in and completely satisfied with their new community.

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